Gourmet Chocolates Party Box

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A perfect gift for a super special occasion, this box contains 12 recipes of mini bite-size gourmet truffles chocolates, 36 Pieces Per Box, 470 grams.

3-Pcs. MexSpice 65% Dark Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Macadamia Nut 55% Milk Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Almond Blueberry 62% Dark Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Walnut Cranberry Truffles 52% Milk Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Coco 64% Dark Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Pecan Red cherry Truffles 40% Milk Chocolate
3-Pcs. Citrus Lemon Truffles 42% Milk Chocolate
3-Pcs. Japanese Macha Truffles
3-Pcs. Goji Berries and Hazelnut Truffles
3-Pcs. Mulberry Truffles 58% Milk Chocolate Truffles
3-Pcs. Toasted Cashew Truffles
3-Pcs. Classic 65% Dark Chocolate Rolled on white chocolate flakes

or create your own preferred recipes in the catalog, for orders above 5 boxes, lead time 7 days as we made fresh gourmet chocolates in small batches.

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