Macha Green Tea Truffles

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This is your superfood, made for you.  Macha Tea Truffles, a concoction of 65% Dark Chocolate ganache and 32% White Chocolate ganache, wildflower raw honey, sprinkled with famous ceremonial organic Japanese Macha Tea.

So delicious, yet highly nutritious, matcha contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that made it so popular.


  • Truffles are produced in an artisan method, made in small batches to ensure freshness, it does not contain palm oil, emulsifiers, preservatives, vanillin, or artificial flavors.

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Supporting local

  • Pure Chocolate Couverture is made from fermented local cacao beans sourced from Davao and Luzon.
  • Wildflower forest dark raw honey is sourced from local farmers in Mindanao.

    Chocolate Handling & Tasting

    • Store it at 14-18ºC, in a sealed container to avoid contamination of odor, thaw out for 5 minutes, the best temperature to taste chocolates to bring out the flavorful notes is at  22-25ºC
    • Handcrafted chocolates each piece may slightly vary in weight. It is recommended to consume this within 3-4 weeks from receipt.

    Allergen Info

    • Contains nuts and milk